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Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 25.02.2007

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Jorge Bermudez Conga Drumming

Jorge Bermudez Conga Drumming

Jorge Bermudez


The video format is especially good for visual learners; nothing can beat it for demonstrating proper technique and conveying the excitement of actual ensemble playing.
The video features Jorge Bermudez, a talented, and warm-spirited Bay Area drummer and drum teacher. He demonstrates mano secreta, the technique used by Cuban drummers to protect the hands and play with grace and fluidity. Each stroke is demonstrated with the aid of slow-motion photography. After three conga parts are taught for each rhythm, they are put together in sizzling ensemble performances you can play along with.

percussion drum lessons playing percussion videoschool playing congo, congas, conga lessons Jorge Bermudez

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