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Playing drums lessons, percussion videoschool


Furio Chirico Passional Drumming

Will Kennedy Be A Drum Head

Бобрушкин Ю.Л. - Мастер-класс в Москве

Watch online for free Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 22.01.2006 with russian translate

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Videoschools with Max Kloc

Макс Клоц and Парадигма - 30.03.2008
Max Kloc drum clinic 28.04.2013
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 06.02.2005
Макс Клоц Естественный подход к игре на барабанах - Мастер-класс 09.02.2014
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 25.02.2007
Max Kloc Playing drum school

Videoschools about rudiments

Nicko McBrain Rhythms of the Beast
Pat Torpey Big Drums
Rick Latham Advanced Funk Studies - 25th Anniversary Edition
Mike Michalkow Drumming System 2.0
Snare Drum Rudiments by Tim Wimer

Videoschools about hand technique

Joe Morello Drum Method 2 - Around the Kit
Johnny Rabb 30 Days To Better Hands
Joe Morello DRUM METHOD 1 The Natural Approach to Technique
Tommy Igoe Getting Started On Drums
John Blackwell - Technique, Grooving and Showmanship

Videoschools about drum solo building

Terry Bozzio Solo Drums
Pat Torpey Big Drums
Carmine Appice DRUM CLINIC
Neil Peart Anatomy Of A Drum Solo
Mike Portnoy Progressive Drums Concepts

Videoschools about Moeller technique

Jojo Mayer - Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer
Moeller Method Secrets by Mike Michalkow

Videoschools about fusion style

Макс Клоц and Парадигма - 30.03.2008
Peter Magadini Jazz Drums
Steve Smith PART TWO
Dennis Chambers Serious Moves
Lenny White IN CLINIC

Videoschools about stick grip

Dave Bedrock Bedrosian Discover Drumming
Сергей НАВА Наветный - Уроки игры на барабанах
Mike Michalkow Drumming System 2.0
Tommy Igoe Great Hands For A Life time
Joe Morello DRUM METHOD 1 The Natural Approach to Technique
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