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Playing drums lessons, percussion videoschool


Александр Муренко Мастер-класс - 08.10.2007

Larnell Lewis Gospel Drum Lessons

Conny Sommer  Cajon Workshop

Watch online for free Mike Terrana Double Bass Mechanics

Part 1 Part 2
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Videoschools about hand technique

Ray Luzier Double bass drum technique
Chris Layton Double Trouble Drums
Tommy Igoe Great Hands For A Life time
Jared Falk One Handed Drum Roll
Dave Weckl Back To Basics

Videoschools about foot technique

Tim Waterson Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing
Dave Weckl - A Natural Evolution - How To Develop Technique
Александр Федотов (Филипп Киркоров) Мастер-класс - 19.11.2007
Thomas Lang Creative Coordination and Advanced Foot Technique
Thomas Lang Creative Control

Videoschools about drum solo building

John Blackwell - Technique, Grooving and Showmanship
Neil Peart Anatomy Of A Drum Solo
Tommy Aldridge Rock Drum Soloing and Double Bass Workout
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 22.01.2006
Pat Torpey Big Drums

Videoschools about bass drum playing

Tim Waterson Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing
Макс Клоц Мастер-класс в «Синкопе» - 25.02.2007
Jared Falk Bass Drum Secrets
Matt Ritter Bass Drum Techniques For Today's Drummer: Unburying The Beater

Videoschools about playing with metronome (click)

Simon Phillips Returns
Сергей НАВА Наветный - Уроки игры на барабанах
Jared Falk One Handed Drum Roll
Макс Клоц and Парадигма - 30.03.2008
Simon Phillips: Complete
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