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Playing drums lessons, percussion videoschool


Chad Smith Red Hot Rhythm Method

Steve Gadd Up Close

Tommy Igoe Great Hands For A Life time

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Shed Sessionz. Vol. 2

Shed Sessionz. Vol. 2

Ronald Bruner Jr. Justin Brown Jonathan Davis Dave Elitch Nikkie Glaspie Eric Moore II Laron Skeeter McMillian Doobie Powell Billy Powell Dexter Pettaway Justin Rafiki Raines Third Lil Nick Smith


This second edition to the flagships series from Gospelchops features a two-disc set full of multicamera scenes that will fill your hunger for monster drumming. Features Nikki Glaspie (Beyonce), Ronald Bruner Jr. (Stanley Clarke, MD Festival 06), and Doobie Powell along with a fresh crop of young gospel musicians that will wow you from beginning to end. This epic release also includes instructional clips, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the hottest drummers in the country. Produced and Directed by Gerald Forrest

videschool drum clinic Eric Moore II Gospel style Ronald Bruner Jr. Dave Elitch Justin Brown Doobie Powell Nikkie Glaspie Jonathan Davis Billy Powell Laron Skeeter McMillian Third Lil Nick Smith Dexter Pettaway Justin Rafiki Raines

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