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Сергей Рубцов и группа Face X Мастер-класс - 17.06.2006

Игорь Джавад-Заде Мастер-класс - 16.07.2007

Tim Waterson Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing

 Matthias Philipzen Cajon. Das kleine Drumset Watch videoschool online
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Matthias Philipzen Cajon. Das kleine Drumset

Matthias Philipzen Cajon. Das kleine Drumset +book/booklet/sheet

Matthias Philipzen


If you like flamenco and want study some tricks you have to see this DVD. Matthias Philipzen shows how to begin and play this unique instrument. The level from beginner to advanced. Don't miss a chance.

In this video the drummer/percussionist Matthias Philipzen explains and demonstrates the varied possibilities of using the Cajon in today's music. His work contains the essential basics, styles and ways of playing this extraordinary percussion instrument.

percussion drum lessons playing percussion videoschool playing cajon lessons Matthias Philipzen

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