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Jared Falk Bass Drum Secrets

Jared Falk Bass Drum Secrets +book/booklet/sheet

Jared Falk


This training pack was created for drummers interested in taking their single and double bass drumming to the next level. It teaches unique techniques for improving speed, power, and control with minimal effort based on the conservation of motion principle.

It is literally revolutionizing the way thousands of drummers around the world play the drums, and can do the same for you. After mastering the basic method - you will then learn dozens of beats, fills, and drum-solo patterns that incorporate this unique method to its fullest potential.

No long will you have to play the same boring and repetitive beats around the kit. Bass Drum Secrets includes everything you need to get maximum results from your bass drum pedals. Everything is taught in extreme detail, and all example are things you can actually begin to implement into your drumming immediately!

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