Videoschools for drummers

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Jerohn Garnett Building Blocks To Gospel Chops

Steve Gadd Up Close

Pete Riley Stick Library / Lick Library - Stewart Copeland Drum Legends - The Police

Watch online for free Tim Waterson Techniques, Motions and Applications for Bass Drum Playing

Part 1 Part 2
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Videoschools about foot technique

Tommy Igoe Getting Started On Drums
Akira Jimbo Evolution
Jared Falk Rock Drumming System
Thomas Lang Creative Coordination and Advanced Foot Technique
Andrei Ischenko drum clinic - 11-12 september 2014

Videoschools about bass drum playing

Jared Falk Bass Drum Secrets
Matt Ritter Bass Drum Techniques For Today's Drummer: Unburying The Beater
Mike Terrana Double Bass Mechanics
- - 25.02.2007
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