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Jared Falk Rock Drumming System

Jared Falk Rock Drumming System +book/booklet/sheet

Jared Falk Jason Kliewer


The Rock Drumming System includes four workbooks, four DVDs, and a play-along audio CD. It should be noted that the books are professionally printed, as many courses sold online only include eBooks (printable materials). That is not the case here, everything is packed together and shipped to your door.

The contents are divided up into four groups: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and play-alongs. Each include a book and DVD, and the fourth one includes the audio CD. They are all designed to work together, so you will likely want to progress from beginner to advanced (even if you consider yourself an Intermediate player).

The play-alongs are charted out in the workbook, demonstrated (with drum tracks) on the DVD, and then available without drum-tracks on the audio CD. This way, you can see how the songs should be played, and then play along with them yourself (without hearing a distracting drum track). You can also choose to play something other than what is charted if you want to get more creative with the songs. The training pack doesn't cover alternative beats, but you can easily try any of the hundreds of beats covered thorough the Rock Drumming System.

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