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 Peter Erskine Everything Is Timekeeping I and II Watch videoschool online
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 Peter Erskine Everything Is Timekeeping I and II Download videoschool for free
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Peter Erskine Everything Is Timekeeping I and II

Peter Erskine Everything Is Timekeeping I and II

Peter Erskine


Time is a musical essential. Whether you are playing a simple beat, a fill, or a solo, time should inform every choice you make at the drums. Hence, Everything is Timekeeping. This DVD features Peter Erskine's instructional videos Everything Is Timekeeping and Timekeeping 2, which were previously available only on VHS. With guitarist John Abercrombie and bassist Marc Johnson assisting, Peter covers topics such as the jazz ride pattern, ride cymbal technique, basic jazz independence and coordination, improvisation, and composition, all while focusing on time and feel.

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