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Bobby Jarzombek Performance And Technique

Bobby Jarzombek Performance And Technique

Bobby Jarzombek


Performance & Technique features Jarzombek in action performing the frenzied Cancer" and "School," as well as the Latin-flavored "So It Aint !," highlighting Bobby's intricate double bass drum wizardry and his pencha nt for syncopated rhythms and odd-time signatures. Two extended drum solos and a "Live in Japan" on-stage blowout showcase Jarzombek's mastery of visu al FX such as stick twirling, tosses, and backsticking, accompanied by a na rrated in-depth demonstration. On the instructional side, an 11-step double bass drum workout delves into the how-to of taking two bass drum notes and applying them to sticking patterns to create a variety of rhythmic combina tions for fills (soloing) and beats.

videschool drum lessons Bobby Jarzombek

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