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Владимир Роздин Мастер-класс - 23.07.2012

 Russ Miller Drum Set Crash Course - Tuning Edition Watch videoschool online
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 Russ Miller Drum Set Crash Course - Tuning Edition Download videoschool for free
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Russ Miller Drum Set Crash Course - Tuning Edition

Russ Miller Drum Set Crash Course - Tuning Edition

Russ Miller


Voted number 1 in the world by MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE in 2001-2002, Russ Miller's video tutorial contains a wealth of information, is encyclopedic in scope, and accessible in tone and pace. Miller gives ... Full Descriptiona step-by-step account of how to tune an entire kit, giving consideration to stylistic tuning, hardware, muffling, microphone placement, tuning to pitches, and relative tuning, among many other topics discussed. This is a vital tool for beginner students to learn from one of the best contemporary drummers around, as well as an important reference for seasoned players.

videschool drum tuning Russ Miller microphones tuning for drum record

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