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Anika Nilles Pad Book

To keep your hands agile and dive deeper into effective methods that really improve your pad technique, Anika Nilles' Pad Book is just the thing!

lazyload - Encyclopedia of the drummer

This entire book is entirely my own understanding of drums. I tried to structure a huge layer of completely different and extremely disparate information and game concepts in a single, hierarchically constructed and easily understood system.


(. ) - - 03.12.2007

The most incendiary and, I'm not afraid of this word, bantering participant of Monday Drummer is Sergey Efimov (the famous drummer of the famous "Cruise"). And his Hippy Chaos project. Great music, crazy energy and lots of positivity. And at the end - two more tracks with Efimov on vocals!


- - 30.07.2007

Peter Plays several tracks "under minus" and at the end answers questions from the audience. The game made a huge impression on me. The most driving of those I've ever heard. And despite the fact that Peter began to play when most of the tired spectators were already rushing to the last trains in t