The main secret of how to learn to play the drums

Repetition is the mother of learning!

If there was one main secret that would determine your level of drumming, then what do you think it could be? Many famous drummers say that in order to master the skill of playing an instrument, you need to constantly practice.

The secret: how to play the drums

The secret is to keep practicing.

Most young drummers (and some experienced ones) underestimate the importance of this. But many simple problems can be solved by simply using this simple "secret".

You can read a lot and watch videos (how someone plays), but, unfortunately, this will not affect your game. To get results, you need to practice and improve your game yourself.

PROBLEM #1. Hands get tired if you play for a long time.

Solution: Keep practicing. Practice single strikes as much as possible. Make sure to play as fast as possible and not get tired. If you play correctly (use techniques), then your hands will get stronger and you will be able to play for a longer time over time.

If you are tired of playing single strokes, you can (and should) diversify your workouts and play rudiments and drawings from various books. As an option, the book "Stick Control" perfectly "sets" the hands.

PROBLEM #2. My legs are slow and can't even do half of what my hands do.

Solution: Practice kicking for a long time. Do not do any more exercises other than leg exercises. Play fast rhythms with your feet, play rudiments with your feet. Play with your feet the exercises from the Stick Control book. Over time, you will notice that your legs become more "obedient" and faster.

PROBLEM #3. I can't play double stroke roll.

Solution: Start playing slowly, carefully and for a long time until you notice an increase in speed. You need to catch the rebound after the first hit and use it for the second hit. The movement of the brush should be once - and this should give momentum for two strokes. Set the metronome to a faster tempo and try to play at that tempo.