How to deal with stress in your legs

Drumming is not only music, but often a lot of physical activity. Many musicians do not spare themselves in order to achieve high results, and then they suffer from pain in the joints and from overexertion in the legs, arms and whole body. All drummers know that these problems most likely come from improper seating, positioning and picking. But everything comes with experience, and without experiencing this kind of discomfort, a novice musician, in principle, will not be able to understand what it means - correctly, until he himself feels his mistakes. And pain, inconvenience and discomfort are primarily mistakes. Exercising for a long time until exhaustion can also be considered a mistake. Analyzing our mistakes and drawing conclusions, we form a precious, unique and irreplaceable experience. And yet, because of the installation, you need to leave with a feeling of desire to continue the lesson.

This article is dedicated to those people who have not yet experienced a sense of proportion and from time to time "hammer their feet."

If you nevertheless felt during the learning process that you were unable to play a piece of the composition smoothly, which you had previously played more than once, then most likely you already had fatigue in your legs and your muscles simply do not obey you. Even if it seems to you that the rhythmic pattern is very simple for you, and you feel that your legs are stiff. We all know that the movements should be relaxed with a clear feeling of the pedals, but for some reason this does not happen. Here is what you need to do to get rid of overexertion and tired legs:

1. Get up and walk
Get up from behind the installation, walk around, and best of all, go home, rest. (I'm not talking about those moments when something really doesn't work out and you need to overcome yourself, I still continue to talk about the end of the class, where you played at least an academic hour.)
2. Hot bath, bath, sauna, swimming pool
These activities allow the muscles to relax and the joints to warm up. Swimming is useful in that it develops the mobility of the foot and relaxes it.
3. Massage
The legs are not the back, you can reach them yourself. Massage should be done on a relaxed leg, starting from the feet, kneading and rubbing the sole. It is also useful for the feet to walk on a surface that resembles a rocky beach. In short, during the massage you should experience pleasant sensations, but in no case painful, because. the main goal is to relax.
4. Feet up

Every day a person is in a position perpendicular to the floor upside down. And the drummer, plus another load. The consequence is swelling of the legs, difficulty in blood circulation in the limbs. The solution to the problem is to be upside down at least once a day. 10 minutes per day of general exercises is enough. The elementary thing you can do is to perform the Birch, in a different way - a stand on the shoulder blades. (The headstand, in my opinion, is already an advanced level for yogis, if you dont know how better, dont take it, because we stick to the goal of relaxing and not harming ourselves.)
Here are the main points that you should follow if you feel tired in your legs and overstrain. Practice for pleasure, not for harm, because "the soul knows the measure" (last).