The role of the drummer in the band

In our time, there are a huge number of musical genres and trends. Starting with the stormy "Slavic Dance" by Dvorak and patriotic marches by Chernetsky, ending with the amazingly powerful playing of Metallica and the melodic dixielands of Armstrong's orchestra. All this variety of sounds and harmonies is accompanied by an extremely important aspect, without which music cannot exist - rhythm. It is he who makes people rise and dance in restaurants, shake their heads madly at rock concerts, and imperceptibly stamp their feet - gray-haired connoisseurs of classical music in the great hall of the conservatory.
Rhythm awakens in us the most diverse and sometimes unprecedented feelings, whether it be a melancholic mood or a call to battle. The most important keepers of the rhythm are us, gentlemen, drummers. Since ancient times, we have always been held in high esteem, accompanied the dead on their last journey during ancient ceremonies, and marched first in line during field battles. It is we who set the pace and movement not only for music, but also for life. So what is our role in the modern team?

Let's look at the qualities that I consider fundamental in the profession of "drummer"

1. Confidence.

I think that this is one of the main qualities of a modern drummer. Confidence, first of all, in oneself, in one's actions, in one's thoughts and desires. This quality is certainly necessary, so it needs to be developed. The moral basis of the groove is confidence. Confidence gives rise to steadfastness, from steadfastness a clear rhythm is born, and from rhythm comes a groove. If you are confident in yourself in life, then it will not be difficult for you to play your game firmly. We are drummers, and above all, the clarity and rhythm of the performed work depends on us. We are the basis, we are the foundation of the whole composition, thanks to us it can seem slow and lyrical, or vice versa, fast and groovy. A drummer needs to be confident, whether filling in a song or hitting the cymbals in a symphony orchestra. Everything must be clear and correct. And without self-confidence, everything will crumble. The complexity or ease of the performed part should not affect the inner core. That's why I consider confidence to be one of the fundamental qualities of a drummer.

2. Emotionality.

The technical aspects of the game are certainly very important, because without their careful development, you will not be able to play many musical figures. The fundamentality of your game is directly related to your technical background. But still... In our profession, there are countless high-tech drummers, but they do not collect the screams of an enthusiastic audience. Why? - They are not emotional. Sometimes not even the best drummer, just "tearing" the hall to pieces with his energy. A high-quality "techie" is awarded only thin applause. All thanks to the energy that you give at the concert, and the emotions that you give to people. This quality is one of the most useful in live performances. To charge the audience with your energy - that's what is valuable in a drummer, that's what the audience likes.

3. Purposefulness.

All instruments are difficult to master, drums are far from an exception. The drum set is one of the most difficult. It is necessary to work not only on physical qualities, but also on moral and spiritual ones. Drumming is not limited to just rhythmic twitching of the limbs. This is the hardest spiritual work on oneself. Develop perseverance, only thanks to it you can achieve something not only in music, but also in life. Purposefulness is the fundamental quality of your development, your victory over yourself. Talent is nothing more than the correct work on one's abilities, on oneself. There are no people who "can't". Everyone can, and everyone can succeed in shock business. The main thing is purposefulness.

4. Concentration.

No concentration at all. It is necessary both at rehearsals and at concerts. Only in a state of complete concentration, you will be sure that you will not make a mistake and will not pull the team to collapse in the composition. Concentration in the classroom is just as important. You can rattle off 10 hours without delving into what you are doing, but 3 hours spent in full concentration and dedication to your work will be much more useful. Learn to concentrate on what you are doing, and success will come to you not only in shock business, but also in life.

5. Patience.

Not always everything works out - this is the law of life. But do not give up, the great ones did not immediately become such either. The main thing is patience. Mistake after mistake, failure after failure, mazol after mazol. And sooner or later you will come to success. After the first failure, many people give up what they are doing. But successful people know that success comes only after a lot of failures, nothing else. Have patience and harmony within yourself, practice. And most importantly - play! And you will succeed. The author of the article is Alexey Lutsenko