Tips for Preparing for a Group Audition

I literally put my life on hold for a week to audition for Filter. They didn't ask for anything special, but I figured I should play one of their songs note for note to show what they could get and that I could learn quickly.

Cook more than you need. The group needs to feel that they can trust you to get the job done. In addition to learning what they asked for, go ahead and learn as much as you can from their repertoire. If they keep playing different songs at their audition and you play along great, it will excite them and let them know that you can handle the pressure. Being friendly and easy to talk to doesn't hurt either.

I think it's very important to come to an audition with the right equipment. The songs and how the band looks can tell you a lot about what they are looking for. If you're going to audition for a singer with an acoustic guitar, it's a little selfish to take a huge drum kit with a bunch of stuff to audition. On the other hand, if you're auditioning for a group that has a lot of double-pedal play, then you might want to consider bringing your own pedal. Image can also play a big role. If the band plays in the style of hard rock, then take out your black clothes with studs. And if they're true bluegrass, maybe you should wear some cool shoes.

Don't come in a bad mood. Try not to be intimidated by the situation. Everyone in the room will feel a little awkward or nervous for one reason or another, so imagine that you are all equal at the moment. Just be yourself and play your best.

I was once told that there are three most important areas that people look at when hiring someone - ability, reliability, and the ability to please people. The key is that if you can be yourself and still balance these three areas, then you will give yourself a good chance of getting a job.
Translation: Oleg Kuznetsov
Editor: Anna Gornaya