Why don't I have a group?

Why don't I have a group? (This applies to all musicians in general). I hear this question a little less often than "how do you feel?". Really - why? In short - patamuSHTA.
Now let's take a closer look. In general, this question has a lot in common with such questions as "why don't you have a family, children, a loan, a mortgage, a car, an iPhone, because this is HAPPINESS." The answer is more than prosaic - I know what I want from life.

But what about mitol, idea, frenzy, concerts?
I have already gone through this stage. I spent more than one year in unpromising projects to personally find out for myself that if you want something big, playing for an idea, you are burying yourself. Yes, there are uncles and aunts who are already in their fifth (or even sixth) dozen who are chopping mitol (pop, jazz, not the point) and are happy. They play a show once a month, they will enjoy for the soul and nice, everything suits them. And how many are there? Very, very not much. Your enthusiasm will begin to deflate closer to 30 years old, you will leave your beloved Ibanez (sticks, keys, microphone, etc.) gathering dust in the corner, you will devote all the time to work (wife, children, booze, mistress) and complain about the unfair fate they say " what a fucking musician I was, I composed so well and it didn't work out. Why is that?"

On 01/08/17, it is high time to understand and realize that the idea of ​​"playing rock with the posons" alone will not go anywhere. Everyone ABSOLUTELY doesn't give a shit what an experienced musician you are, how many bands you've had, what a great songwriter you are. Everyone absolutely doesn't give a shit about you and your work. There is no doubt that the above qualities must be, but now the music market is so oversaturated that one talent is not enough. What it turns out is that you finally need to get your head out of your ass and begin to act in order to convey your "fucking muzlo (tm)" to as many people as possible, to correctly distribute the necessary resources. There are 7 billion people on the planet and anyone (except your friends and people who, out of courtesy, joined your group in order to leave in a week) will be interested in your DIVINE single (EP, LP) if such an elementary truth finally reaches you and you start acting - hire a competent a producer who will help you unleash your full potential, a sound engineer who will make you a great mix, you will invest in an advertising company
How does all this relate to the fact that I do not have a group? Yes, directly. Everyone wants a free drummer, but what do you have to offer in return? What have you achieved? Traveled to a couple of cities in the region? Have you been published on PyGe? Did you perform with Caliban (at what for your own money)? Well, it's just a..et what achievements. Indeed, there is much to be proud of. Undoubtedly, everyone starts with this, but when this is all that men under 30 have and they ask "do you want to play with us" I answer - I want to. For money, sessionally. Because to play for nothing in such a band, for the idea there is a waste of time, nerves and resources (I wont remind you how much it costs a drummer in particular - damn it). Already I will continue to saw rugs alone than to play with anyone just for the sake of "being in a group."