Master class by Pavel Lokhnin How to play in different styles and be yourself

The master class will be held at the Mir Music store at 28 Liteiny pr. on Tuesday, July 30 at 7 pm.

Topic of the master class:

"How to play different styles and be yourself"

Here is what Paul himself says about the upcoming event:

"Many musicians, regardless of their level of experience, sooner or later face the feeling that they are driven into a rather narrow framework by the styles of music they play, but are afraid to destroy these frameworks, for fear of appearing impudent and disrespectful to the music they play.

Some musicians often have a much richer technical arsenal than "necessary" for the music they perform and feel dissatisfied with the incomplete disclosure of their potential. Other musicians play in many bands at once, and they have to resort to standards within the style framework, as a forced, but greatly facilitating assistant.

So how not to compromise at the cost of losing your own uniqueness?

This is exactly what the musician, who plays in an incredibly rich style spectrum, will share with you: from club experimental music to stadium rock bands and European metal underground.

Pavel Lokhnin-Rumyantsev, known to everyone as an independent star, endorser of such global brands as Tama and Zildjian, Evans and Pro Mark, as well as the best domestic Arcanum custom drums, will tell you how to play in different styles and be yourself.