Drummers rejoice! Johnny Rabb is coming to us!



May 19, Central House of Artists (metro Oktyabrskaya, Krymsky Val 10)
Beginning: 19:00

< strong>Tickets: from 600 rubles

Tickets sale: ticket offices of the Central House of Artists

< p align="justify">May 19 in Moscow and May 20 in St. Petersburg, Johnny Rabb, inventor, author of video schools and teacher, holder of the title of "The Fastest Drummer in the World", for the first time for Russians, will show all the wisdom of his technique and skill. On the stage of the Moscow Central House of Artists, Johnny Rabb and bassist Clay Parnell will present their musical project - BioDiesel.

BioDiesel is nothing less than a living embodiment of Johnny Rabb's passion for electronic music: the thin line between band and DJ, synthetic and human, between man and machine. In 2006, Johnny Rubb started thinking about producing environmentally friendly dance smart music. Then fate brought him together with the famous bassist of the American band Brothers Past (it was they who, in their sound, were one of the first to start mixing rock and electronic music) - Clay Pernel. The cooperation turned out to be, of course, fruitful, and since 2007, the BioDiesel project has been successfully marching around the United States and the world. The authors call their brainchild none other than music for a thinking person, and prove by their own example that drum`n`bass can be not only electronic.

It is also worth dwelling on personality of the most legendary drummer. Johnny Rubb got his first drum kit at the age of three. With the support of his parents and the influence of live concerts and training courses, Johnny began to excel by far. Deciding to dedicate his life to drumming, he entered the prestigious Berklee College of Music to complete his degree. After completing the course, Johnny moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he filmed the first RhythmSaw Technique video. At the same time, Johnny successfully toured with many major artists, gaining experience in live performances.

Notable was Johnny Rabba's participation in an event sponsored by the Nashville Percussion Institute, founded by McAfee. Even then, rumors were circulating about Johnny's ability to play singles with incredible speed. With the help of McAfee and a device called the DRUMOMETER, the first ever The World's Fastest Drummer competition was held. Johnny easily won and, in doing so, attracted the attention of the Guinness Book of Records Committee. Johnny was asked to defend this title at the Guinness World Records Experience in Orlando, Florida. The record was recorded using a speedobarograph - 1071 single strokes in 60 seconds.

Today, Johnny Rubb is one of the best drummers in the world, has his own line of cymbals and drumsticks, and continues to travel the world and perform, as well as release all new books and videos for young performers. Johnny believes that education is the most important element of the future and continues to find opportunities to share his knowledge with musicians around the world. Russia is next in line, and BioDiesel and Johnny Rabb are preparing thoroughly for this event, because this is their first appearance in our country.