drumming competition "Drumbeat"

From October 22 to October 24, 2010, the IV Open Competition for Young Drummers "Drumbeat" was held at the Center for Folk Art (d / c "Druzhba", Engels). The Organizing Committee of the competition received more than 50 applications from young musicians (the age of the participants in the competition should not exceed 25 years) from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Borisoglebsk, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Samara, Smolensk, Orel, Tver, Tambov, Elektrostal, Yaroslavl, Saratov and Saratov region.

The chairman of the jury is the drummer of the famous folk-rock group Dmitry Anatolyevich Frolov (Moscow).
Jury members:

Komarova Olga Vladimirovna - Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of the Engels Municipal District,
Kabalskis Maxim Petrovich - teacher of percussion instruments of the Rostov College of Arts,
Popova Elena Vyacheslavovna - teacher of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, teacher of the Saratov Regional College of Arts,
Dmitry Gusev, professional drummer, Saratov,
Povolotsky Dmitry Vladimirovich, professional drummer, Saratov

23 drummers took part in the qualifying round, of which the competent jury selected 11 finalists. They were: Dmitry Kutafin (Eagle), Anton Lukyanchuk (Moscow), Vadim Kostin (Borisoglebsk), Yuri Sotnikov (Kursk), Roman Ryzhov (Saratov), ​​Sergei Zaitsev (Yaroslavl), Roman Kulik ( Kursk), Egor Ryabets (Rostov-on-Don), Vladimir Pavlichenko (St. Petersburg), Alexander Nikitin (Yaroslavl), Maxim Prokofiev (Rostov-on-Don).

The main prize - a REACE drum set from the Moscow company Soundcheck - went to the winner of the competition Anton Lukyanchik (Moscow).

The 2nd place was taken by Vadim Pavlichenko (St. Petersburg), the 3rd place was shared by Egor Ryabets (Rostov-on-Don) and Anton Zaitsev (Yaroslavl).

Within 3 days after the end of the competitive auditions, master classes were held by the members of the jury of the competition: teacher of the Rostov College of Arts M.P. Kabalskis, teacher of the Saratov Regional College of Arts E.V. Popova, chairman of the Jury of the competition D.A. Frolov (Moscow, city "Melnitsa")

Dmitry Frolov, Moscow The concert program of the competition was attended by the folk group, Laureate of International Competitions, the ensemble of drummers and flag-bearers "Crash-band" (Engels, director Elena Popova, choreographer Polina Afanasyeva), the ensemble "Simple Rhythms" (city of Marx, director Sophia Gaivoronskaya) , Percussion Ensemble SPO at the Saratov State Conservatory (Saratov, leader Elena Popova)