Alexander "Bali" Balajev visited the Paiste factory

Alexander "Bali" Balajev visited the Paiste factory in Nottwil "Bali" to listen to the new cymbals. He is currently updating his set for a live concert, which will be released on DVD in May 2008.

Alexander "Bali" Balajev is the drummer of "PLUESCH", they have been playing together since 2001 and have already released 3 albums:
"Pluesch" in 2002, "Sidefiin" in 2004 and "Frusch gwasche" in 2006.
Before joining the group, he won many drum competitions.

In recent years, his set of cymbals has been based on the new 20 series, now he sees his dream set consisting of brand new Paiste cymbals: Thin Crash and Light Ride.

Here is a new set of cymbals Paiste Alexander "Bali" Balajev:

Twenty 14" Hi Hat
Signature 6" Splash
Signature 8" Splash
Signature 10" Splash
Twenty 16" Thin Crash
Twenty 17" Thin Crash
Twenty 18" Thin Crash
Twenty 20" Light Ride
Signature 21" Dark Full Ride
Twenty 13" Hi Hat
Twenty 16" Thin China