Concert of percussionist Vladimir Tarasov in the theater "School of Dramatic Art"




July 5, 2009
hall "Manezh", beginning at 20.00


The world famous percussionist will present his solo project Thinking of Khlebnikov for the first time in Russia. The program was inspired by the poems of the founder of Russian futurism Velimir Khlebnikov. The project premiered on March 20, 2009 at the Maerzmusik International Contemporary Music Festival in Berlin.

Intellectual percussion of Tarasov an abundance of moods is imperceptibly born from the tiniest details.
Virgil Mihaiu, Russian jazz new identity Quartet books, London

Vladimir Tarasov is a drummer gifted with rare sophistication and mystery, sensually enjoys every touch of each of his vast army of instruments, from a miniature bell to cymbals. He is also a master of decorative brushwork.
Nat Hentoff The Wall Street Journal, USA

This language is probably unique in that one person follows the sound that drums have to offer, but at the same time, the versatility of it is that it is inspiring. Inspires and inspires awe, terror, vulnerability, loss, sadness, grief, determination, joy, and ultimately strength. This solo concert reveals all the inspiration from the depths of the soul of the creative heart, we can feel its pulse and breath, it moves and is created from emptiness only to return to eternal silence.
Thom Jurek, All Music Guide to Jazz 4th edition

"Poems from drum sounds" - an interview with V. Tarasov< /b>
Vedomosti, June 15, 2009, No. 107 (2377) / Irina Severina

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Artistic Council with Vladimir Tarasov< br /> Culture TV channel

Vladimir Tarasov about his project "Thinking of Khlebnikov":

At the age of 16, I was reading Khlebnikov. And when I started looking at it as a drummer, I saw a lot of connection. Take, for example, the poem "Grasshopper" - this is absolute percussion! In general, Khlebnikov, in my opinion, was a brilliant drummer. He was one of the first to use language, starting from the rhythm of phonetics, trying to find a meditative-rhythmic state in a word, as in a sound. His language echoes the deepest concepts of percussion. It seems to me that today it is the only instrument that is archaically authentic. It's not a saxophone, it's not a man-made piano, it's stone on stone. This is an instrument that always conveys not only information, but also a certain state at the level where the performer and listener become part of the sound. I have been playing this instrument for so many years, but it seems to me that I am still learning, I have only found one sound, and another sound lives in this sound. This is the sea, and inside there is a huge sea.

The concert "Thinking of Khlebnikov" opens a series of musical projects of the "School of Dramatic Art" theater, which will be attended by world music stars - Vladimir Tarasov, Mark Dresser, Larry Oks (trio "Jones, Jones!"), Mark Pekarsky, Mircea Ardelean and others.

At the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (September-October 2009), Vladimir Tarasov will present a number of his installations as a special guest.

Since 1991 he has been involved in visual arts. Alone, as well as in collaboration with the artist Ilya Kabakov, he participated in many solo and group exhibitions. Including: Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf - 1991; La Biennale de Venezia, Venice - 1993; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago - 1993; Center Georges Pompidou, Paris - 1995; Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren - 1998; Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris - 2000; Art Center - DOM, Moscow - 2002; State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, State Museum "Hermitage", St. Petersburg - 2004; State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Museum Ludwig in the Russian Museum - 2003, 2005; National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow - 2006; Copper Smithy, Fiskars, Finland - 2006; 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art - 2007, Art Pavilion, EXPO - 2008, Zaragoza, Spain; Bass Museum in Miami, USA - 2008 etc.

Born in Arkhangelsk (Russia).
Since 1968 - lives and works in Vilnius (Lithuania). For many years he has worked with the Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra and other symphony, chamber and jazz orchestras in Lithuania, Europe and the USA.
In 1971 - 1986 he was a member of the famous Trio of Jazz Music - GTC (Vyacheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Chekasin)
As part of the Trio, with many other musicians and orchestras, as well as solo, more than 100 records and CDs have been recorded and published.
Since 1990 - Member of the Union of Composers of Lithuania.
V. Tarasov writes music for orchestras, films and theaters. Including for: Staatstheater, Stuttgart - 1995; Majestic Theater at The Brooklyn Academy of Music; New York - 1995; Jozef Nadj Center Choregraphique National Orleans, Orlean (France) - 1998, 2004; Theater Vidy-Lausanne, Meyerhold Center, Moscow - 2003; Arte, Paris - 2006; Eudeka Media / TVP 1, Poland, Yleisradio, Finland 2009, etc.
In 1999, V. Tarasov staged the play "And immediately drank ..." at the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania based on the poem "Moscow - Petushki" by Venedikt Erofeev.
In 2002, V. Tarasov staged the opera The Return of Dionysius by the German composer Edwin Geist (1902-1942) on the same stage.
He teaches and lectures at the Podeville Center in Berlin, the Academy of Music in Bremen and the Art Academies in Orleans (France), Düsseldorf and Vilnius, at the State University of California in Sacramento, the Pacific University in Stockton (USA) and the Yale University Summer Courses in France in Pont. -Aven.
In 1993 - 1994 he was a scholarship holder of the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany) In 1998 he was a scholarship holder of the Civitella Ranieri Center in Italy.
Author of the book "Trio", published by the publishing houses "Baltos Lankos" in 1998 in Vilnius and in 2004 "New Literary Review" in Moscow.
He has performed with such musicians and artists as Andrew Cyrille, The Rova Saxophone Quartet, Anthony Braxton, Lauren Newton and Josef Nadj.