Travis Barker and DJ AM involved in a plane crash.

DJ AM (left) and Travis Barker
crashed planer
Travis Barker and DJ AM involved in a plane crash.

Four people were killed and two were seriously burned in the crash of a small passenger plane "Learjet-60", which occurred at the airport in the US city of Columbia, South Carolina. The plane was bound for Van Nuys, California, and belonged to Global Exec Aviation, a charter company that began carrying passengers only last year, Radio Liberty reports.

When trying to take off, the Learjet-60 jet fell off the runway, broke through the airport fence and jumped onto a five-lane highway, which at that moment, fortunately, had no cars.

On board were two pilots and four musicians of the group "TRVSDJ-AM". Shortly before that, the musicians finished their performance in the city of Five Points, which is located near the University of South Carolina. 10 thousand people gathered for their free concert. Both pilots and two musicians were killed. Severely burned and in critical but STABLE condition drummer Travis Barker and DJ Adam Golstein.

Travis is currently 32 years old and Michael is 35.

Let's hope they're all right!