ANTON LUKYANCHUK. Musical Drumming Master Class

Anton Lukyanchuk drummer On November 2, at 16.00, a master class by drummer ANTON LUKYANCHUK will take place in the GMKEDI hall! We cordially invite you and your friends! Come, you will like it!

ANTON LUKYANCHUK - drummer for Tatyana Zykina and the Brothers Grim group. Previously, he played in the team of Sergei Penkin, with Zhenya Otradnaya, in the group "19:84", in the group "Ark" and with many others. Winner of the competitions "Parade of Percussion Instruments", "Drumbeat", "Ad Libitum", winner of the "Muztorg" competition, laureate of jazz festivals.

The master class will be devoted to the role of drums in an ensemble and the musical playing of a drummer in different styles.

I was born in 1985 in Moscow. From early childhood I was addicted to music by my father, an opera artist at the Bolshoi Theatre. One of my first teachers was, known to many, Leonid Gavrilovich Rupets. Then I continued my studies at GMUEDI, in the class of Anatoly Petrovich Makurov. In 2004 he graduated from the Moscow Regional College of Arts with a degree in Musical Variety Art. From 2003 to 2005 he taught at the Children's Music School No. 102 named after. V.A. Mozart. Currently I am a student of the correspondence department of MGUKI.

I play with the singer Tatyana Zykina and in the Brothers Grim group.
In addition, I play in various jazz, blues, rock and cover projects.

Worked with such artists as:
Alexey Kuznetsov (2010),
Sergey Penkin (2008-2010),
"19:84" (2009),
Zhenya Otradnaya (2008-2009),
Olga Arefieva and "The Ark" (2006-2008).

Sessionally collaborated with:
Nastya Kochetkova,
group "Old buddy",
Ephraim Amiramov,
group "Doctor Watson",
Vlad Stashevsky,
"Lighter", and many others.

Discography (years of recording are given):
"Old Friend" - "Planet +" (2010),
"19:84" - "19:84" (EP, 2009),
"The Funeral Honors" - "Bad Dreams Still Mine" (2008),
Denis Katasonov - "Stereotypes" (2007),
"FPS" - "My Cinema" (2007),
"Teunikova & Kompozit" - "Timer" (2006-2007).

Several more albums are on the way. Also made a number of session recordings.

Victories and awards:
Winner of the competition "Parade of percussion instruments" (Vidnoye, 2011),
winner of the international Internet competition "Ad Libitum" (Kazan, 2010),
winner of the competition "Drumbeat" (Engels, 2010),
prize-winner of the Young Drummers Competition (2010), III place,
laureate of the student festival "Festos" (1999, 2002, 2003),
laureate of the youth festival "Jazz Marathon" (2000).

Major concerts and festivals:
Bazzday 2010,
"Song of the Year 2009",
"TEFI 2009" (Moscow),
"20 Kinotavr" (Sochi, 2009),
"Slavianski Bazaar 2008" (Vitebsk),
"MUZ-TV Prize" (2008),
Warming up for Bloodhound Gang (2007),
"Love is Yes" (2007),
"Invasion 2006" (Ryazan),
"Rock against terror" (Vladikavkaz, 2005),
"Motoyaroslavets" (Maloyaroslavets, 2005).

Lera Masskva - "One phone call" (2007),
"Anomaly" - "Honey" (2007),
"Juice Big City" - "Big City" (2005).

TV projects:
"Star Factory. Return "(2011),
Magic Ball by Sergei Penkin. His Majesty Love "(2010),
"STS lights up the superstar" (2007).

"Spy Romance" (2010),
"Whisper of Orange Clouds" (2009).