Competition and festival of drummers Drum Beat - Drum beat 2011

Hello from Minsk.
On November 14, 2011, we will host the annual drum festival "Drum Beat" + this year there will also be a drumming competition (under 30).

Festival "Drum Beat" DK MTZ (st. Dolgobrodskaya, 24) Beginning at 19.00, Price 20-35 thousand Belarusian rubles. (70-100 Russian rubles)

In the festival program:
Guest from Latvia Nelly Bubuyanc , Apple Tea, Chiefs Band, Symphonic Drive Orchestra, Five Brothers, Alexander Minets, Alexander Storozhuk (ex "Lyapis Trubetskoy"), Svyatoslav Chernukho (group "Ekivoki").

In addition, a competition for drummers under 30 is held. The final is on the morning of November 14.
Three winners will perform at the Gala Concert and receive valuable prizes: a Yamaha drum kit, a set of Sabian AA-Metal-X cymbals, a snare drum, Leonty personalized sticks.

The festival is always held on "Hurrah!", all tickets are usually sold out long before the start. Welcome!

Contest and festival of drummers Drum Beat - Drum beat 2011