Leonid Kinzbursky - Russian endorser of Istanbul Agop

Leonid Kinzbursky is a Russian endorser of Istanbul Agop
Congratulations to Leonid Kinzbursky, who became one of the first Istanbul Agop endorsers in Russia!

Istanbul Agop has been producing well-known hand-forged Turkish cymbals since 1980. Today the company is one of the most respected cymbal manufacturers in the world.

Since 2009, Leonid -Pilot-Kinsbursky, the main drummer of the popular Moscow rock band Louna, signed an endorsement agreement and became the official artist of Istanbul Agop (international endorsement).

In just three years of existence, Louna, together with Leonid, have achieved a lot: they released two full-length albums, four singles, six video clips, performed on the main stages of the largest rock festivals in Russia and Ukraine: Chart Dyuzhina 12, Invasion 11, Kubana 11, Extreme Girls Fest 09 , Neighboring World 10, etc. Louna also became the winner of the RAMP music award, receiving the Discovery of the Year statuette.

At the moment, Louna is actively giving concerts and gathering thousands of halls. In the near future, participation in the largest Russian rock festivals is planned, including Neighboring World 2012, Kubana 2012 on the same stage with the stars Korn, Offspring, Sum 41, Enter shikari, Infected mushroom and others; Invasion 2012, in which the band is not just taking part - this year Luna had the honor of writing an anthem for the Invasion 2012

Leonid has been eyeing Istanbul Agop plates for a long time. What attracts him the most is the unique sound of these cymbals, each hand-forged by Turkish craftsmen. Their wide timbre range and bright sound, as Lenya put it, can send a drummer into space at a concert.

Leonid Pilot Kinzbursky about Istanbul Agop cymbals:
For me, Istanbul Agop is not just plates. It was they who instilled in me a love for the unique Turkish sound, where each plate sounds individually. I am proud to represent Istanbul Agop in Russia as an artist of this company. For myself, I especially singled out the Xist and Alchemy series, they are great for both studio work and large concert venues!

Leonid Pilot Kinzbursky uses the following cymbals:
Istanbul Agop Xist Ride 22 Brilliant
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Medium Hi-hat 14
Istanbul Agop Xist Crash 16 Natural
Istanbul Agop Xist Crash 18 Natural
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Heavy Crash 18
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Heavy Crash 20
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Heavy Splash 10
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Power-X Crash 18
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Power-X Crash 19
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Power-X Crash 20
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Power-X China 20
Istanbul Agop Alchemy Raw Bell 6