Drummer for Tommy Benedetti and his band

 Tommy Benedetti drummer Tommy Benedetti John Brown's Body (abbreviated as JBB) is the main drummer team of Tommy Benedetti (Tommy Benedetti), they play reggae. We have done a great job and one of the first to go out roughly (from Drumnet.ru ) to the world.
When Tommy is in Boston, he plays with another band, Dub Apocalypse, which also includes Morphine's Dana Colley and G. Love's Timo Shanko. This band was created to take time off when the main bands of musicians are on break.
I really have to work, now there are a lot of bands on the scene, and we are happy to be part of them, but there is also little space on it, you have to fight and work on yourself to be better.
We toured with Asheville Toubab Krewe, they are very good friends of ours. We love these guys. We'll be playing with them soon on the Jam Cruise and playing their song Manifestivus in Vermont.
As a drummer, he also participated in the reggae band Sly Dunbar, along with jazz master Charles Mingus.
The coolest thing about drumming is that you give the fans a drive, the listeners, you feel them, playing drums at a concert is like being in a rocket that is flying.
Drumnet.ru asked at what point did you feel like a successful drummer?
I think it was my first world tour. Our music has taken root anywhere on the planet Earth, and we are glad that life gives us the opportunity to visit many delightful places.