Jason Bonham is preparing a solo album

drummer Jason Bonham is preparing a solo album
Jason Bonham is about to start working on a solo project with several star musicians.

The drummer told Classic Rock Revisited, "I've always wanted to do an album with some of the people I've worked with before. Among them are such names as Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Jeff Beck and Slash. I worked on some original songs with a band that plays Led Zeppelin music. We're going to start writing original material together and see what happens."

He also added that he has no hope of going on tour with Black Country Communion: I didn't suggest it to the other guys, but I think we should play for our fans. Me, Glen and Derek. If Joe can't do it, we have to go out with someone else. Joe is a really nice guy, and I think if we had asked him then, he would have said, "Of course."