Punks not dead

Speaking of big cities, we we are talking about large divisions into punks, rockers, metalheads, etc. But, the smaller the city, the thinner the line between these directions. course in a small amount has everything and everywhere, but more often they unite themselves the name "informals", or, In other words, "nefor". On the informal get-togethers can be seen all possible ramifications of "nepopsy". From rockers to ravers.

Informal parties are something like friendship university peoples, where they unite absolutely different directions. exception are rappers, gopniks and so called "basota". Informal life in small towns flows quite rapidly, but uniform. Yes, an idea comes up. organize informal meetings. Take for example a small town Rybnitsa.

Every year there organized rock festival which attracts groups from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Transnistria. Moreover, a participant in such everyone can become an event willing! Bring tools and play to your own delight ... Of course, host groups occupy a special stage. One of these groups, the most known in narrow circles, is group "Buldoze".

She is famous, as the most professional musicians and their style. So this group is the owner the youngest vocalist. Another one of groups that are popular in the same narrow circles, this is "EvA". Being natives of Strashen, they already managed to win the recognition of many listeners. This is about big intercity or even international parties, but also There are also small towns congresses. In the same Rybnitsa, they are that every Friday all comers of the city meet in the city center, do each other piercing, talking about life, naturally drink and quietly peacefully go their separate ways informal affairs.

So small "assemblies" exist in every small town to somehow keep in touch with the ever-decreasing rows of informals! According to the young informals, the so-called "pioneers", they don't feel specifically punks, not even metalists, but more of a mixture. But isn't it Are there any true Punks left? Punks in all times and peoples were considered the most "reckless" and interesting people. Isn't that already there? unique direction? What are our friends answer "Punks not dead! A little There is a punk in each of us!" To understand this statement determine: who are these punks? Often people create the wrong opinion about this kind of people.

A This contributes to nothing more than mass media. Let's take TV! If a people are shown drug addicts, then this is - punks, a robbery is committed - again punks, those. of course not punks at all, but is it the common man will figure it out. Hence the negative attitude of people, and the servants of the law, too. That's accounts for the poor punks enhance your appearance and also take the name "informal" And if you ask "What is informal?", then you will get quite a clear answer "Informal is state of mind!" And try with them disagree...
Author: Nata City: Chisinau