Bow and microphone hooligans

The fact that there are so many abnormal people among famous singers and musicians is easy to explain - regular music lessons definitely blow the roof off a person. Although those whose roof is still in place, also usually do not give reason to doubt the need to reserve a bed for them in a psychiatric hospital.

The fact that most of the music chambers known to us are not yet beating their heads against yellow walls does not mean anything - world fame and rottenly earned money help the stars to get off even in the most rotten hands.

Frankie Sinatra, in addition to undeniable vocal talent, became famous for two things: violent sexual temperament and extensive connections with the mafia. Frankie Rabbit fucked famous aunties like Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Bisset, Judy Garland, Rafaella Carra and even Nancy Reagan. Sinatra's second wife also noticed this: "Of 55 kilograms of his weight, 5 is for melodiousness, and 50 for sex." And there were legends about Frank's connections with the mafia - his close friends included Al Capone, Johnny Torrio, Lucky Luciano and other godfathers of all America. Moreover, the matter was not limited to friendship alone - at the dawn of Frank's career, the mafia generously coughed up his promotion. Sinatra did not let the lads down: once, during a tour, he took a suitcase of "mafia" money abroad. This could cost Frank not only his career, but also his freedom - his phones were tapped by the police and the FBI, but you will sink such a blasphemy!

John Lennon is considered the author of the famous phrase "Make love not war!". It was written on a sign that Lennon posted on the door of the room at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, where he and Yoko Ono were on their honeymoon. The frying pan is clear, the words of the famous Beatle did not differ from the deed: Johnny gave all the interviews to curious journalists without getting out of bed, in which he made love with his girlfriend. Although Lennon was not always a pacifist - and at the dawn of his career (and later) he was the most rabid member of the Beatles, he harshly scolded everything that the conversation came up with, and on occasion he could stick it in the snout. In addition, Lennon donated a lot of money to militant British Marxists and the Irish Republican Army.

By the way, if we talk about the Beatles, we can't help but remember Brian Epstein, the man who discovered and promoted the Beatles. This ghoul was expelled from schools five times for poor progress - moreover, different ones, he was fired from the army with the wording "on the basis of psychiatry" (actually for sexual anomaly), and he first heard the Beatles in the "Cave" club, kicking himself in the trash after work.

Luciano Pavarotti managed to simultaneously throw his wife Adua and the state. Adua learned about her husband's infidelity from the morning papers, which featured paparazzi photographs of Luciano pawing his secretary. Pavarotti's new girlfriend added fuel to the fire, saying that his wife sucked Luciano because of her frigidity.

Aduya could not stand this and began divorce proceedings, during which Pavarotti's pranks with taxes surfaced. The evil aunt, who for many years served as a manager with her star husband, invested him with all the giblets - it turns out that he owed the Italian treasury more than ten million dollars ...

It is also rumored that Luciano is friends with the top of the legendary Sicilian mafia - allegedly, some exhibits from the singer's collection of paintings were not obtained in a completely legal way.

George Michael - besides the fact that he is also that ... a slightly sexually abnormal man ... so in 1997 he was generally detained by the police for selflessly masturbating in a public toilet. Prankster George was fined 810 bucks, and he was also given 80 hours of community service and ordered to visit a psychoanalyst. George was offended and knocked out a cop named Rodriguez who had detained him. Michael stated that the cop was doing the same thing as Michael, and in all interviews he described how deliciously Officer Rodriguez waved his mighty yong. Further - more: the singer decided to take revenge on the offenders, taking advantage of his popularity, and released the cult single "Outside". There is nothing special in the lyrics of the song, but the video is something. The action, of course, takes place in a toilet stuffed with video cameras, and the main characters are two bugger policemen, one of which is very artistically portrayed by Michael. The cops get high from peeping at the visitors of the toilet and periodically kiss passionately. Such a fucking reality show ... And George also has a dream: to sleep with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Simultaneously. (Tom Cruise - in the bread slicer, and who will refuse the cat Nicole! - ed.)

Robbie Williams was once invited to take part in a children's TV show, during which various celebrities had to demonstrate the elements of football skills to the kids. However, Williams, apparently, clearly does not like football - when the turn came to him, he did not kick the ball, but simply turned his ass to the camera and lowered his pants. Hochma also lies in the fact that the program was broadcast live, so millions of innocent kids had the good fortune to admire the bare ass of their idol. However, perhaps Robbie was just showing off his red silk underpants by famous fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Williams is convinced that the shorts are the main reason for his success on stage, and states: "When I put on these shorts, I feel like a completely different person."

Dieter Bohlen is no longer very young, but many young hooligans can envy his sexual temperament. Even a very painful injury received during violent sex with Nadia Abdel-Farah (a fracture of the penis) did not make him come to his senses. Moreover, the uncomplexed Dieter in his autobiography described in detail how his yong bent and turned black... Barely recovering, Bohlen continued to exploit the damaged organ (and who wouldn't? - ed.). Here, of course, there were some scandals too - some time ago, Didi's darling was caught in the back room of the Kovry store in the company of one of the young saleswomen. As it turned out, Dieter simply went into the store and, without saying a bad word, took the girl by the hand, took her to the back room and dipped his end into it at once. (Damn, it's good to be a star after all, huh? - Ed.)

Mishka Jackson has always loved children. Moreover, this love was not only platonic in nature. In 1994, a certain Blanca Francia, who at one time worked as Jackson's maid, told reporters that her former patron had dirtyly molested a seven-year-old boy - however, the scandal was hushed up with the help of money. This story did not surprise anyone, because shortly before that, Jackson had narrowly escaped prison for being too close friends with twelve-year-old Jordy Chandler. In order not to get caught, Michael gave the Chandler family about 10 lemon bucks. According to rumors, Jackson had to urgently fly to Switzerland and have cosmetic surgery on the penis, as Geordie described the singer's yong in detail to the FBI experts. (What were they doing, a sketch? - ed.)

And here is Marilyn Manson - specifically a seasoned human being. He rightfully bears the title of the most reckless hooligan of modern music. A lot of nightmarish rumors circulate around his pseudonym (taken, by the way, in honor of the maniac-killer Charles Manson (and busty Monroe, let me remind you - ed.)! Moreover, he himself likes to tell that he collects alcoholized animal corpses, attends Black Masses, reasons, he regularly sets fire to his own pubic hair, and even loves to have oral sex ... with himself. Allegedly, in order to facilitate the access of yong to his mouth, Manson underwent an operation to remove the lower ribs. Like, it's easier to reach ... And slashing yourself with a knife right on stage is generally not good to do. No wonder Marilyn's body has almost five hundred scars. glass - ed.) Respect!

Dad and son are walking towards them, a hairy guy with a guitar.

Son to dad:

- Dad, is this uncle a musician?

- Well, yes, a musician.

- Ah... Why is he sober then?

- I don't know... Probably, he is being treated for gonorrhea.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Boy George, Sergei Penkin, ShurA... Do you still want your child to study music?

- Why did you stop playing the trombone and switch to the piano?

- Man, have you ever tried to put a bottle of beer on a trombone???