Pink Floyd drummer helps the store

Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, stepped up to help Foote-s out of the crisis.

Foote-s is the historic record store in London where he bought his first drum set.
Drummer Nick Mason has been a customer since 1950, according to sales director Rob Wilson, a member of a family that has owned the drum business since the 1930s.

Pink Floyd drummer helps Foote shop

After 40+ years of drumming, I still need a store like this. This shock shop is very important to me. In 1958, a nice man named Sid sold me my current machine for 7.5 euros.
This kit included a Gigster bass drum, a snare of uncertain provenance and age, hi-hats, cymbals, and a book on flam paradidles and ratamacues. Armed with this set, I joined my friends to form The Hotrods. In fact, none of us knew how to play our musical instruments.
The store, which sells everything from brass and strings to drums and percussion, has now moved to new premises at 41 Store Street.
Rob Kent has been a key player in the store for the past 30 years. He will do business with Nick.
Rob said that the loan to our business was rejected by the bank, but Nick decided to help us, without him and other investors, the drum shop would no longer exist.
Founded in 1920, the drum shop has been at the heart of the music scene from the birth of jazz to swing in the 60s.
My desire to keep the drum shop alive is this: it's not just a place to buy a musical instrument, it is much more - here you can learn about any new product from manufacturers, hear a new sound that you will not hear on the Internet. Of course, this is an opportunity to talk to real experts in the world of drums.

Few people know that the history of the Foote-s store is closely intertwined with the Premier brand of drums. Founded by the Della-Porta brothers in 1922, they bought a lot from our drum shop and grew into a well-known global brand.