Competition Finalists - Young Drummer 2013 - Euan Leslie

All of them will perform in the final of the competition, which will be held on February 3, 2013. Many of them will become world stars in a few years.

Euan Leslie (age 13)

When I was little I started to beat the rhythm on the boxes. I started playing drums at 10 with my The drum teacher is Richard James and I fell madly in love with them!

Euan Leslie - Young Drummer 2013 Finalist

I played in church, jazz quartet, orchestra, and also in percussion group. My drum teacher is great man, he's my guide to the world of percussion instruments. I like music from jazz and funk - Herbie Hancock and Roy Hargrove to the fatal teams Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon.

My favorite drummers are Gavin Harrison, Nathanial Townsley, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Ronald Bruner Jr, Chris Coleman, Buddy Rich, Art Blakey and Tony Royster Jr.

When I found out that I was in the top ten best drummers of the competition - I was in shock - I could not believe into it.
Now I'm thinking about my drum solo in front of the audience to please them, and also to make my parents proud of me.