Competition Finalists - Young Drummer 2013 - Matthew Brown

All of them will perform in the final of the competition, which will be held on February 3, 2013. Many of them will become world stars in a few years.

Matthew Brown (age 16)

I live in London and play drums all my life! I inherited good musical foundations from my parents and grandparents.

Matthew Brown - Young Drummer 2013 Finalist

I learned to play in the church, but in my free time I tried to study other styles. I listened to completely different music. During breaks I played live. I don't practice much, but because of the finals, I'll be doing percussion a lot more.
Often I don't play alone, I always play with a group, and playing a drum solo will be a challenge and a big test for me.
My favorite drummer at the moment is Josh McKenzie. He plays with incredible dedication.
Now I'm trying to do more sight reading.