September 11-12 Master class by Andrey Ishchenko + video

Master class of one of the most sought-after drummers in Russia: ANDREY ISHCHENKO ( master class video)!
Venue - "NAMM Musikmesse Russia 2014", booth of drum shop MUZIMPORT (C7)

It's no exaggeration to say that Andrey is one of the most hardworking drummers in Russia: he has vast experience of working in various bands that play mostly heavy music. Since 1992, Andrey has taken part in more than 140 musical compositions, including:

Paul Di Anno, Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden), Catharsis, Hieronymus Bosch, End Zone, Scrambled Defuncts, Grace Disgraced, Melancholy, Path of the Sun, Stigmatic Chorus, Frost, Deform and many, many more.

At the moment, Andrey is a member of the Arkona group - one of the most famous Russian metal bands, especially popular abroad!

Recently, Andrey Ishchenko has become a Russian artist of AXIS PERCUSSION. In his work, he constantly uses the AXIS X-L2 series pedal with an enlarged LONGBOARDS platform. Andrey speaks briefly and concisely about his pedals: AXIS pedals are ideal for long and fruitful work.

Andrey Ischenko's master class video:

Master class program

At the master class, Andrey Ishchenko will perform several compositions on the ROLAND electronic drum set, and will also share interesting and useful information for drummers:

1. Dynamic Double Pedal Play

Foot technique is a rather extensive, interesting and popular topic. Thanks to constant practice, Andrey has developed excellent control and leg endurance. At the master class, he will share his experience and give advice on developing control and dynamic playing on a double pedal. Andrey will also tell in detail and demonstrate in action his double pedal AXIS X-L2 with an enlarged LONGBOARDS platform.

2. How to sort out new material on the way to work?

Many drummers, especially session drummers, are faced with a problem - they urgently need to sort out a large number of compositions, and there is almost no time left for this ...
In connection with the simultaneous participation in many teams, Andrey had to shoot and memorize huge amounts of material. At the master class, he will share his methodology for parsing and memorizing drum parts without using a drum kit and in the shortest possible time.

3. Features of the work of a drummer on tour.

This topic concerns almost all musicians, and especially drummers. Before leaving on a tour, many questions arise:

- How to prepare for the tour?
- Which tools should be selected and how should they be transported correctly?
- How to warm up before concerts and do you need to keep yourself in shape?
- How to save energy during the concert, so as not to immediately "fizzle out"?

These and many other questions will be discussed in detail at the master class.
Andrey will also be happy to answer any questions from the audience!

Place and time
The master class will take place on September 11 and 12 at 15.00 at the NAMM Musikmesse 2014 exhibition, the booth of the MUZIMPORT drum shop (7).
Free admission!
ANDREY ISCHENKO drum master class