Zildjian at NAMM-2008

The Zildjian K 16
The K series has received new 15" and even 16" hi-hat cymbals along with the existing 14" hat.
14" High Definition hi-hat cymbals now come with a High Definition ride that has been redesigned with the help of Terry Lynne Carrington, available in 2 sizes: 22"-24" rides.

The Hybrid series that won a MIPA 2006 nomination has received a new 15 , 16" and 18" crashes to complement existing 17" and 19" crashes. There is also a 14" pair of hi-hat cymbals to complement the 13" hat cymbals and a new 17" China. There are also new 21" and 22" crash cymbals in the K series, which were made with Zak Starkey.

The ZHT series received a 10" splash, a 20" crash/ride and a 16" china. The ZBT series received 8 and 10-inch china splashes.