Sabian at NAMM-2008

APX O-Zone Crash
Sabian has introduced their new APX cymbal series, which is aimed at drummers who hit the cymbals hard.
This should be understood as thick and unsound cymbals, but they sounded great! In addition to ride, splash, crash, hats and Chinese cymbals in two sizes, the APX series includes two O-Zone crashes with six holes.
Kits look like this:
14" Hi-Hat
16" Crash
20" Ride
14" Hi-Hat
18" Crash
22" Ride
and Effect Cymbal Set:
10" Splash,
18" Chinese

With the help of Jojo Mayer, 13" Fierce hi-hat cymbals are now available to everyone, this was made after many requests from people who saw them at the Jojo Weapons for the Modern Drummer school.

The 23-inch Ltd Edition Over Ride will only be produced in a quantity of 200 pieces!