Mark Schulman presents : A Day In The Recording Studio

Virtually every studio drummer in Los Angeles records their own tracks in their bedroom, garage, or home studio. Gone are the days when this required expensive equipment. Now everyone wants to record percussion instruments themselves. After watching this DVD, you will understand how to do it and how to reduce your insecurities caused by not knowing the recording process. In this unique CD, Mark will tell you what it takes to set up your own studio (at home or in a professional studio) and record quality drum tracks.

This instructional CD contains both technical information about sound recording as well as modern drumming styles and mannerisms during recording used by modern drummers. All this is presented in a clear, neat and structured form.

Mark Schulman says: The DVD contains the full process of recording drums in the studio - equipment setup, setup, mic technique, recording process, my own system for dividing a song into parts, creating parts, applying effects, studio equipment and some features. videos of bass drum playing.

Although Mark is a talented drummer, engineer, producer and studio owner, he is best known for his studio career, worldwide tours, television shows with the likes of Cher, Stevie Nicks, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Richard Marx and Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver. Now he works with Pink.

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