New DVD from KoSA

"KoSA Eleven/Live" is a new DVD from Hudson Limited, featuring over three hours of instruction, interviews and live performance highlights from the eleventh edition of the world-renowned KoSA International Percussion Workshop and Festival. Produced by KoSA founder and artistic director, Aldo Mazza, in association with Hudson Music, this DVD offers viewers a participants perspective on the unique KoSA experience and represents the highlights of the August 2006 event, which was held in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. "KoSA Eleven/Live" is a new DVD from Hudson featuring over 3 hours of lessons, interviews and live performances from the 11th KoSA festival.
The DVD contains exclusive performances and lessons from top drummers and percussionists from around the world, including:

Memo Acevedo - "Colombian Cumbia rhythm"

John Amira - "Haitian drumming"

Clayton Cameron- "Playing uptempo with brushes"

Kenwood Dennard - "The Woodstroke Technique"

Jamey Haddad "Frame drum ideas and other sounds"

Bernard Purdie - "Groove Routines"

Antonio Sanchez - "Motivic Development"

Ed Soph - "Ride Cymbal Technique"

Glen Velez "Basic Tar and Bodhran techniques"

You will also see the duet Giovanni Hidalgo with brush specialist Clayton Cameron, interview with Clayton Cameron, Rick Van Horn.