Zack Sullivan Master Class

March 19 in the Syncop store, which is the official distributor of Sonor and is located at: St. Petersburg, Malaya Posadskaya, 17 ( passed the master class of the drummer of the group Moral Code Zach Sullivan. Zak prefers to be called Zakhar. Although Zak speaks a little Russian, they could not do without an interpreter, fortunately, Maxim Klots was the interpreter.

"I came to Russia because I want to show that it doesn't matter whether you are an American or a Russian, black or white - you can fulfill yourself everywhere."

Zach talked about his drums, cymbals and hardware.
Paiste plates:
Signature Dry Dark Ride 20"
Dimension Medium Raw Crash 18"
Signature Full Crash 17"
Signature Micro Hi-Hat 12"
Traditional Thin Crash 14" cut to 10"
Spaun Vintage Series
snare drum - 12*7
DW Titanium Limited Edition pedal
racks - DW and Spaun
Vic First Signature Steve Gadd

Zach talked about the secrets of tuning his drums, one of which is that he uses an electric screwdriver to quickly tune the heads, although, in order to achieve accurate sound, he uses ordinary keys, and he turns two keys at once, located opposite each other. Completely dead plastics, which you have to play once, he removes and keeps the lighter under the plastic for a while. Zach noted that this would help, but this plastic is already dead and needs to be changed anyway.

For practice at home, he recommends using the Roland RMP-1 Learning Drum Kit + Roland KD8 Kick Kicks,
The kick pad is connected to the Roland RMP-1.

Many amusing and useful things were heard by the crowded hall of Syncopation. It turns out that Zach goes to bed with the metronome quietly turned on in his ear. First, the number of strokes is 90, when he turns over on his side, he increases the number to 100, and then he adds 5 strokes each. Zak noted that this helps to be in great shape the next day. Controversial, but he is a professional...

Throughout the masterclass, Zach reiterated that drummers should be held accountable for their sound. If the hall does not dance when you play, you are to blame. Many rely on sound engineers, but your sound production is more responsible for the sound. "Whether your drum kit costs $200 or $2000, if left untuned, they both sound terrible."

The master class was not without a performance. Zak performed solo both alone and with Maxim Klots. The hall shook, which means everything was fine, and the artists coped with their main task.

The review was prepared by Sergey Kolmakov. (

Curriculum vitae

Zach Sullivan (Sullivan Zechariah) is an extra-class drummer from America. Zach was born on November 22, 1966 in New Jersey. He began to study music at the age of seven, and at first a professional drummer mastered percussion. Zach made his first musical steps in the church: "Since my parents are Christians, I spent a lot of time in church - I studied music there three times a week. I learned to play musical instruments in the church playing gospel music, like most American r'n'b artists. I never did any special training, I didn't go to any music schools - I'm self-taught."

For the first time, Zack performed on the big stage at the age of 18 - from a concert with Dorothy Norwood (Dorthy Norwood), an American gospel fan favorite, and began his career as a drummer. He worked with Dorothy Norwood for five years (1984-1989), while playing concerts with two other famous gospel musicians - Eric McDaniels and Trumine Hawkins. And in 1996, a popular gospel artist in America, Robert Lowe, invited Zach, who had already gained a wealth of performance experience, take part in the recording of your "live" concert. Soon the professional Zach is in great demand: he plays "live" concerts with Kirk Franklin, with saxophonist Mel Holders working on studio recordings. In the 90s he gives many concerts and tours with popular r'n'b groups: Hi-Five, Jagged edge, and also performs with Carl Thomas, Vivien Green.

In the late 90s, Zach played most of the time in Russian restaurants: "Pyramid", "Peter the Great", "Odessa" and others. Joint concerts with one of the artists in a Russian restaurant just brought Zak to Russia. In "Pyramid" Zach met Polina Griffiths, who soon left for Russia and became the soloist of the group "A'Studio": "Polina told the musicians of her group, when they needed a drummer, both