master class by Sergey Rubtsov and Face X group

On June 17, the showroom of the musical instrument store "Arsenal music" hosted master class by drummer Sergey Rubtsov (Face X, Troll Gnet Yel) together with Face X musicians on the topic "interaction between a drummer and guitarists in a band, double pedal technique, back beats and the use of paradidles in drumming."

At the beginning they played their composition Oldman, and Sergey showed the main riffs of this song.
The first type of riff is unison, when the drum beat sounds in unison with the guitar.
The second type of riffs - riffs, over the guitar part and the duration of the notes, as a rule, a little more than sixteenth notes - eighth notes, eighth triplets, etc.
Lots of cymbals and toms that Sergey uses are used to expand the timbre coloration.
Sergei drew attention to the fact that many drummers do not use the hi-hat very much when playing the gimbal, using only two positions - open and closed. Although you can move your foot from the pedal from the barrel to hi-hat and use a special hi-hat clip (drop clutch), which with a light blow of the stick releases the top cymbal.
Several compositions of the Face-X group were played, and Sergey showed separately the backing beats he used and the drum solo based on the ostinato pattern in in the form of eighth triplets, in which there is one blow of the left foot and two blows of the right.
Sergei showed an interesting polyrhythmic exercise for entertainment - ordinary quarters sound at the same time, eighths, triplets and quintuplets at the same tempo.
"All the songs that have been played rehearsed with a metronome, but the most important thing is that the song sounds good. "Brakes" and "overclocking" are allowed, since in the music of the Face X group, there are many diverse pieces, which sound good in "their" tempo. "It is better to play without a metronome (especially concerts), and only in controversial moments, Sergei resorts to him. But a metronome is a must for class.
For training correct rebound of the stick from the drum Sergey uses a small bag, his own production, stuffed with millet. Its essence is that it does not give a rebound at all. The main idea of ​​​​training with him is to catch and train such a movement of hands and fingers, at which there is a rebound from this bag.
Sergey rehearses at least 4 times a week on the Mapex machine. Now he does not use earplugs, as little becomes audible, many overtones are drowned out, although playing drums harmful without any ear protection. Therefore, Sergei Rubtsov uses ear plugs and Vic Firth Isolation Headphones, with 24 dB sound isolation.

Sergey Rubtsov chose the Mapex Saturn installation for himself. "After 5 months from the date of its acquisition, I still not used to this fattest sound."

The master class left a pleasant impression. The audience heard real music, perfected at the rehearsals of the composition. Despite the fact that Sergei Rubtsov believes that he still needs to progress and progress, he can be a great example for young musicians to strive for and that everything is achievable!
Video from Sergey Rubtsov's master class is available for viewing!

Prepared by Anton Ivanov,