Master class by Peter Troshchenkov

March 23, 2006 in the showroom of the Musical Arsenal store, the exclusive distributor of Mapex in Russia, which is located at St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospekt Vasilievsky Island, 80 ( ), took a master class by Peter Troshchenkov.

On this spring, but still winter-like cold evening, a small audience gathered in the hall, but really interested. After all, the topic of the open lesson was playing in modern drum`n`bass and jungle styles.

Undoubtedly, Peter is a virtuoso and you can't argue with that, but what is happening at the master class could really be called an open lesson. Peter did not try to turn on those who came with simple, but proven and "kach" rhythms, he played what was interesting to him and showed what which really makes you think that learning to play the drums is a lifetime.

Peter noted that he has to play a lot of simple music, and the master class is another opportunity to show himself from the other side. Drum'n'Bass and Jungle are very difficult styles to perceive, especially when performed live.

Troshchenkov is moving towards complete discoordination and independence of all 4 limbs. He moved from the traditional setting - the right hand leads the drawing of the hat - to the setting when the left hand works on the hat, and for the right hand, a rich opportunity opens up to use the right side of the drum kit.

Peter does a lot of work, at the master class he named 3-4 hours, but later he noted that in fact he spends a day 6 hours for training, but this time justifies itself, and everyone present at the open lesson was convinced of this.

We thank Musical Arsenal store and Sergey Navetny for the opportunity to see and hear Russian drum aces.

The review was prepared by Sergey Kolmakov. (

Curriculum vitae

Petersburg drum virtuoso Pyotr Troshchenkov is a student of Evgeny Guberman. Behind Peter's back is participation in such well-known musical groups as Aquarium (from 1982 to 1991), Shamrock, BG band, Reserve, Elephant in the dark, Vermicelli Orchestra. Of the last "sounding" groups on the radio, he participated in the 4ex team.

The album "Children of December" (Aquarium 1986) became one of the brightest works in the creative biography of Peter Troshchenkov. "I know exactly how to play," Troshchenkov said confidently before the start of the recording. "Everything will be fine." Seeing the inspired game of Troshchenkov, Grebenshchikov gave him complete freedom of action, and when mixing the album brought the drums forward a little more than usual. Made in the spirit of U2 "Dances on the verge of spring" Troshchenkov wove fabric rhythmic patterns no worse than Larry Mullen, and on the groovy rock and roll "She can move herself" he entered such a dense contact with the universe, that he even tried to sing along, turning in some places into a desperate cry.