DW Releases Collectorís Series ĎTimekeeperí Snare Drum

Drum Workshop has released a new snare, created as a tribute to timekeepers who shine by locking in the beat and helping a song shine. The 14Ē x 6.5Ē Timekeeper, as itís called, is decorated with 351 pieces of clock-and-gear wood inlays.

ďSome of my favorite drummers do just thatóthey keep time,Ē said DW vice president and drum designer. ďAnd they do it in a way that is so admirable. These often-unsung players play for the song. Itís a cliché, but itís so right on the money. The Timekeeper is in tribute to those players.Ē

Each piece of exotic and dyed laser-cut material is meticulously hand-inlayed into the 1/36Ē-thick top veneer of a Pure Purpleheart shell. The 11-ply VLT shell is made at the DW California Custom Shop and outfitted with custom True-Hoops with faux leather inlay, True-Tone Snare Wires, MAG Throw-Off System with 3-position butt plate, and more, finished in limited edition Antique Bronze. The drum comes with a DW carrying case and will retail for $2,307.