Paiste Formula 602 cymbals - a touch of the past

Paiste is a Swiss company known for making drum cymbals. It ranks third in the world in sales of cymbals for drum kits. In 1932, Paiste produced the first mass-produced Stambul cymbals. Until 1967, they were made of CuNi12 nickel-plated bronze, 80% copper and 20% tin.

Today, the company does not produce Istanbul cymbals for a number of reasons. However, in the post-war period, Paiste's engineers thought about a second line of cymbals. Craftsmen used sheets of various thicknesses, bizarre forging and atypical shapes of domes. Through experimentation, in 1957 Paiste announced the Formula 602 cymbals. Instruments with thin edges were made from bell bronze.

In 2010, Paiste resumed production of the legendary Formula 602 series. Drums are made of CuSn20 bronze alloy. Despite the high cost of Paiste Formula 602 cymbals, fans of the 1960s and 70s sound buy these drums. The instruments are designed for soft, subtle and medium volume settings. You need to play them carefully. When used properly, Formula 602 cymbals produce a clear sound with a unique degree of purity.


The ride collection includes two models: Medium Ride and Medium Flat Ride. Both plates are 20 inches in diameter. The Medium Ride cymbal has a rich, tight sound. The sound of the sticks is transparent and clear. The volume of the instrument varies from medium low to medium high. Medium Flat Ride sounds quieter. The sound is warm, soft and crystalline. The sound of the sticks resembles shimmer, it is just as warm and soft, woody.


The first series of crashes - Thin Crash - is represented by cymbals of 16 and 18 inches. Percussion are quite strong intensity. Both models sound clean and transparent, breathy. Cymbal feedback is shimmery and velvety.

The second series is called Classic Sounds Paper Thin Crash. By the name of the line, you can understand that the cymbals have a soft, papery response. The volume of the 16" and 18" cymbals is soft to medium, the 20" and 22" cymbals are medium low to medium high.

16- and 18-inch cymbals sound airy, with a mystical note and a complex mix. They are suitable for sensual play with thin sticks, brushes, ryuts and even palms. Large cymbals with a diameter of 20 and 22 inches sound transparent, but hoarse. The response is soft, shimmery and velvety.

The nature of Formula 602 crashes is described in one word - "retrospective"..


Paired cymbals on the stand are made in two versions: Classic Sounds Medium and Sound Edge. They have a diagonal of 14 and 15 inches. The cymbals of the Classic Sounds Medium line literally crunch. The sound is warm, rich, silvery with a light touch.

Hi-hats Sounds Edge can be called paper. The sound is not as soft as the previous series, but just as rich. The mix is quite complex. The plate is famous for its high controllability. Both series are ideal for recording studio use.

The price of Paiste Formula 602 cymbals starts at 15,000 rubles. This is the best choice for retro lovers. The mid-20th century drum series will interest drummers who play jazz, fusion, pop, blues, country and moderate rock.
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