Yamaha DTXplorer - a rubber woman - she is also a rubber woman in Africa

I bought this device at the beginning of July 2006. The reason for the purchase was as follows: the rehearsal space is a 30-minute walk from my house. Sometimes it is difficult to force yourself to go and work out if there is no rehearsal (if there is a rehearsal, there is no problem, I always come earlier). You can't install a live installation at home. A lot of time is wasted (morning and evening - about 5 hours can be spent on classes). You cant work much on the pad (meaning coordination and techniques). So I decided to buy an electronic drum kit. I bought this one, because the price is normal (32,000 rubles) and the sounds are nothing like that. As a result, class hours have increased. Feel it.

The set consists of an aluminum frame, a module and controllers: a hat, three toms, a snare drum, two cymbals, a bass drum (all rubber) and a hat pedal. The kit also comes with an fp 6110 belt-driven pedal, which is quite good by the way.

Pros: like all electronic drums - compactness and noiselessness (from the pads there is sound, but insignificant. The neighbors will sleep peacefully. The dynamics of the pads are very good. There will be no problems with the ghost stroke and the dynamics of the game.

Cons: Difficult to customize. you have to experiment in every way. do not put more sounds into the module, do not connect additional pads. There is no power supply included.

Conclusion: a rubber woman is also a rubber woman in Africa. Feelings are not very (like practice pads), but you can work out the technique. As a home training set - very good. You can also go for a ride. But it's better not to use it for work at a concert (as additional pads to a live one - zer gut))