Overview of Sonor Ascent Series Drums

From German, the word "Sonor" is translated as "sonorous", "sounding". No wonder the company chose this name, because the drums produced by it justify their name by 100%. And with each new episode, Sonor's ripples prove that their drums are the best.

The Ascent series is considered premium drums, and... It really is. Let's explore them in more detail.


Shell - The material from which the drums are made is beech wood. With the Ascent series, the company is celebrating the rebirth of the famous beech shells. The secret to the sound of Ascent drums lies in their shell design, which has a thin seven-ply/6.35mm bass kick, while the toms and snare are thicker nine-ply/8.75mm with 45-degree cutouts on the edges, for a full and powerful sound. Beech wood provides maximum strength, perfect bending and neutral tuning thanks to the use of CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process.

Rims - Power Hoop 2.3mm thick on all toms and floor drums. The 14" snare drums are equipped with die-cast rims.

Lugs - Fine-tuning lugs with TuneSafe to prevent loosening of the tuning screws from heavy rim shots.
On the kick drum: "claw" mounts (hoop attachments for bass drums and other drums) with a rubber insert.

Mounts - Additional features include a redesigned vibration-free TAR (Total Acoustic Resonance) tom mounting system, paired with an APS (Advanced Projection System) for maximum resonance and sustain.

Hardware - 400 series, Double, reinforced rack design provides stability and strength. Sonor's 3-section clamps hold drums securely in place with minimal effort, no matter how hard you play. There are also Memory Locks that "remember" your preferred height settings.

Impact and resonant heads manufactured by REMO USA.
Drum Tom: REMO Ambassador, clear.
Snare: REMO Ambassador Coated, REMO Ambassador Resonant.
Bass Drum: REMO Powerstroke 3 clear, REMO Powerstroke 3 black with white Sonor logo.

Drum Kit:
1 x Bass Drum 20'' x 18'' (without bracket)
1 x Tom Drum 12'' x 9''
1 x Tom Drum 13'' x 10''
1 x Floor Tom 16'' x 16''
1 x Snare Drum 14'' x 5.5''

1 x Hi-hat cymbal stand, HH 484
1 x Snare stand, SS 400
1 x Bass Drum Pedal, SP 473
2 x Mini crane stand, MBS 400
2 x Multi Clamp, MC 276
2 x Tom Drum Mount, TA278

Shell material: beech.
Hardware finish: black chrome.
Edge: 45.

The drums give out just an amazing sound, very powerful and voluminous. These drums are fun to play. Screws and rims are finished in black chrome, which gives the drums an external "taste". This is one of the best, if not the best, premium drum kits out there.

Ascent - translated from English as "ascent". And indeed it is.