Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer - lives up to the name "perfect balance"

The pedal justifies the name "perfect balance")) very light pedal! No matter how you tighten the spring, it remains light.

The mechanism seemed to me reliable. really very mobile, a convenient case for it) my drum teacher said this: "a dream and not a pedal! beauty, beauty"

BUT, this was my first professional pedal, and to be honest, I did not cope with it. Perhaps due to incorrect technique, perhaps due to the fact that I did not understand how to play specifically on this pedal, my leg was very sore in the thigh area, my muscles were very tired. I struggled with it for 3 months, eventually I sold it for cheap and bought Perl Eluminator 2002B on the advice of one dude, to be honest, I am very happy with this purchase)

Bottom line: I wont say that the pedal is bad, on the contrary, its solid and comfortable, BUT very amateurish, first try it before buying and ordering.