Hi-Hat Stand Pearl Powershifter Eliminator H2000

Recently, foot drum devices have become more and more sophisticated and sophisticated. One of the most notable is the Powershifter Eliminator H2000 from the notorious Pearl company. Enormous resources have been invested in the development and manufacture of this masterpiece, and as a result, we get an excellent, comfortable and thoughtful hi-hat stand. Nothing to complain about here.

Interchangeable Cams

The new device has several chips that all will require clarification, one of which is a replaceable eccentric. The kit comes with four multi-colored eccentrics, which are very easy to replace, and which affect the nuances of the game. Changing the eccentric is very simple: you need to lift the footboard, press the secret button, and pull out the old cam, replacing it with the desired one, while releasing the button.

After experimenting with eccentrics, I remembered everything, both good and bad, associated with hi-hats and racks for them. The black eccentric is called "excellent circular", the white is called "enlarged excellent circular", the blue is "not centered progressive" and the red is "radical progressive. It's hard to describe each of them in a nutshell, but I'll use all my eloquence and try. The black eccentric provides smooth pedaling. White is similar in its properties to black, but everything else makes it easier to press the pedal. It's like on a bicycle: the larger the sprocket, the easier it is to twist. Blue eccentric - provides a smooth press almost to the end, followed by a "break", as if someone is pushing you. Well, the red eccentric fixes the cymbals well in the open position, but then they sharply collide with each other, which makes the hi-hat very sensitive.

All of these descriptions are just my pathetic attempts to describe how I feel when using the different cams on the Pearl Powershifter Eliminator H2000 hi-hat stand. If you want to buy this device for yourself and determine which eccentric you like best, buy and try. As the saying goes: "you will understand when you see." Maybe you will fall in love with one of these eccentrics. Or maybe not. Many generations of drummers played and did not think about such garbage. That's why I started my review on a dubious note, but now I'm imbued with this feature of the new rack.

The Pearl Powershifter Eliminator H2000 uses paired eccentrics. Although you can only change one. According to Pearl, this technology makes pedaling smoother, quieter, etc. Why two eccentrics? Because the chain from the footboard goes through a replaceable eccentric, and the other is fixed on the axle behind it. It turns out that the chain is not attached directly to the stand, but to the eccentric, which, in fact, pushes the hi-hat stand itself when you press the footboard. Due to this, the center of the hi-hat is slightly shifted, but nevertheless, this does not cause inconvenience when playing.

More goodies

Pearl did not stop there, and continue to surprise further. Now you can change the angle of the footboard! Moreover, different eccentrics require a different angle of inclination of the footboard. This is exactly the problem I had when I first changed quick releases, until I discovered that Pearl took this problem into account and solved it! The new technology is called VariSet and it is very easy to operate. 1) Unscrew the main bolt and set the height of the footboard. 2)Remove the bolt on the pedal and tighten or loosen the chain.

With the angles out of the way, let's talk about the TractionPlate footboard itself. Rubber "rounds" appear through the removable panel. You can leave them on or take them off, depending on how comfortable or familiar you are to play. They are also in the bow of the footboard, but. you can turn the rubber panel over and then the rubber "rounds" will be at the back - as you wish! To do this, you will have to use the supplied key.

And one more innovation! The Supergrip clip and the actual iron "drin" on which the clip is attached. There is no need to tighten the screws and keys directly into this very drin, thereby scratching and forcing it. Simply squeeze the new clip and you can adjust the height. On the old racks, the keys were simply screwed into the cases themselves. Funny. For a long time, everyone was all the same, and here you are. In addition, Pearl completely abandoned felt, replacing it with rubber. The elastic band on the top cymbal does not fix it much, allowing it to oscillate. There are three bulges on the lower elastic band that reduce cymbal vibrations, but nevertheless do not nullify. It is strange to play on rubberized cymbals. Although, maybe I'm just used to a slightly amorphous sound? In any case, you need to try it yourself, because. many drummers liked the rubber and many didn't.

Well, then according to the standard: folding legs with rubber knobs, and even a special sock for the footboard, which should probably prevent scratches during transportation.


The Pearl Powershifter Eliminator H2000 is the most customizable hi-hat stand to date. At first glance, it looks big. Whether all these new features are good or bad, decide for yourself. At the very least, it's interesting to delve into all the new settings. If you want a top rack made with the latest technology, buy it. Four interchangeable eccentrics, adjustable footboard, and even 3 different cymbal positions (4*4*3=48). In total, forty-eight different settings. For some, this stance will become the Grail, for some it will be just a show-off.