Gregg Bissonette [Santana, Don Henley, Steve Vai]

Session drummer Gregg Bissonette has released his second solo album - "Submarine". Gregg is an extra-class studio musician, who recently took part in the recording of the latest album of Carlos Santana, - "Supernatural" - as well as working with many of the leading modern guitarists. Songs for Greg's solo album wrote it brother, Matt (he also plays bass on this album). "Submarine" vividly demonstrates the extraordinary musical abilities of Greg, who has our magazine was lucky enough to interview.

When were you first attracted to drumming?

In 1966 the year I heard Buddy Rich. My father was also a drummer, and I I decided to follow in his footsteps, because he was an example for me in everything.

Who was your first drumming teacher?

My my father Bud became the first teacher. However, he did not know musical notation and always wanted me to find a teacher who could teach me how to read notes. Therefore, being in the fifth grade of a secondary school, I became take official music lessons.

How much time did you spend drums at first?

Like any child at the age of six, I had a variety of interests: baseball, football, hanging out with friends and etc... that's why at first I spent about an hour and a half a day on drums. Later, when I was already 10 years old, I began to study drums several hours a day.

Which of the drummers the biggest influence musically at the beginning of your journey?

Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Danny Seraphine, Bobby Columby, Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham.

Please tell us about your most first musical projects.

My brother and I had several bands (by the way, Matt is my favorite bassist). The first one was called "Today's People" (quite a banal name, isn't it?). Second in our joint group was already called "Grand Circus Park". Then we moved to North Texas.

What at that stage represented is the most difficult for you?

Keep the pace and "pump" the rhythm. I often listened at that time to our homemade recordings and with displeasure noticed how badly our rhythm "rolls".

Do you have any practice routine and, if so, describe it, please.

Recently, my routine has been reduced to mainly to listen to new albums. I grab new nets from there and breaks. I also take lessons from really cool drummers like like Tony Williams and Cuban Jimmy Branly.

Are there now any notable positive changes in your technique?

Most positive changes have recently taken place in my posture when playing on the drums, and also in the arrangement of the drums, in the way I sit at them.

What moments in your performing arts do you yourself would you like to improve?

Ergonomics. I would like to play drums to perform more economical movements with maximum efficiency.

Do you still play any musical instruments besides drums?
Yes, in addition to all kinds of percussion instruments, I play the trumpet, the piano and guitar. I would like to get better at the guitar so that I can to compose music.
What qualities are you more everything you appreciate in percussion instruments and how it influenced the choice of the manufacturing company you are promoting?

I most of all I like it when the drums have thin maple tubes, cool "bearing edges" [a special system for attaching drums to racks - translator's note], as well as good, reliable racks, fixtures and other fittings. From this point of view, drums are better than Mapex, in my opinion, simply does not currently exist on the market. That's why I play them now and advertise them.

Which drums were your very first drums installation and what instrument do you play now?

Since I started playing Zildjian K cymbals because my father used to play them. I still play them that way, because, in my opinion, there is nothing better. We also developed my signature drums with Vic Firth. sticks that really suit my individual needs when played: they are called "Gregg Bissonette signature". I use mapex drums [22" drum with DW double pedal, toms 10", 12", 14" and 16" floor tom (with legs) 5 1/2 x 14" snare], heads Remo, DW pedals, LP percussion, XL hard cases, soft cases "Beato", as well as "LT lug locks".

Who do you work with in now?

I did the Supernatural album with Carlos Santana, playing on Don Hanley's latest single "Working It", also playing a new song written by Stuart Copeland for "Mission Impossible II" and I also released my new solo album called "Submarine" ("Favored Nations Records").

Which musician do you like best? work the most and why?

With my brother Matt, because we grew up together since childhood and listened to the same music, and also with Steve Vai, because I really like the incredible passion he has invests in your game.

When you are asked to take part in any next project, what factors influence your decision?

In this case, I try to objectively assess my capabilities, but I always strive to play music in as many different styles as possible.

Are there any musical projects from your past, in which would you like to take part in again?

Yes, almost in everyone. Maynard Ferguson, Gino Vanelli, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Toto, Don Henley, Santana and many more.

What do you like to do in free time from drumming?

I love being with my wife and our Noah's son - I love it when they laugh. I love to jump in inflatables attractions. I like to surf in Hawaii, the water is warmer there than ours. I love Indian, Mexican and Italian cuisine. I love do yoga.

Apart from the drums, are you any kind of doing art?

Trying to outdo my brother in writing songs.

Do you think there are any striking differences in the younger generation of drummers?

I like that, unlike previous generations, they stopped use mountains of drums and play on simple, "unsophisticated", installations. It reminds me of the sixties of the twentieth century: Ringo, Charlie Watts, Mitch Mitchell... I'm actually on that path too.

What advice would you give to young, aspiring drummers?

I'll tell you in the words of the great Louie Bellson: Eat healthy food, refrain from bad habits, devote sufficient time to studies and do not let into your no negative thoughts.

Recommend any Ordinary or video schools?

Seeking to sound pompous narcissistic type, but, nevertheless, I will recommend my own. My first the video school (complete with the book) is called "Private Lesson", and the second - "Playing, Reading, and Soloing with a Band". Both are published by Warner Brothers/DCI video".

Tell us something funny or funny incident from your career!

Last year I played in the New Zeeland with a magnificent orchestra "All star big band" in front of a full house listeners. The day before I was terribly poisoned by food and, just in the middle of things Buddy Rich "Big Swing Face", I threw up right on the drums. people sitting in the hall, mouths wide open in amazement. New Zealand papers the next day with their inherent sense of humor, they dubbed me not Gregg Bissonette, but Gregg Barfonit [vomit]!