Double Pedal for Highwood Malleus Bass Drum

HighWood's Gareth Healy jokes that until four years ago he never imagined he would be designing bass drum pedals. HighWood claims the Malleus is "the last pedal you'll ever need". While many companies make speed pedals, including Pearl, Bullet and Kitch, Axis, Trick and the Polish company Czarcie Koptyo, something makes the Malleus stand out from the crowd.

Malleus (meaning "hammer") has no special bells and whistles. In fact, there are a minimum number of them here. However, this is the most robust looking pedal on the market. But she looks really muscular. This pedal's cardan wouldn't look out of place even on a small car. The 10mm thick footboard looks strong enough to withstand the heaviest loads.

Every Malleus pedal is made from quality materials including stainless steel and high quality aluminium. Gareth Healy avoids the use of molded parts that can compromise the functionality and durability of the pedal. Each pedal component has been surgically machined on the most advanced lathes. All moving parts of the pedal are equipped with bearings, making its movement elastic and as smooth as possible.

Highwood comes with four hex wrenches to fine-tune the pedal. Settings include beater position, beater angle, pedal sideways, beater/pedal distance to drum, and more.