Mike Portnoy returns to Dream Theater

Legendary progressive metal band Dream Theater has announced the return of Mike Portnoy. They just recently won a Grammy Award. Mike co-founded the group at Berkeley College in 1985. After that, they will immediately begin work on their 16th studio album. Mike Portnoy left Dream Theater in 2010 and was replaced by drummer Mike Mangini.

Mike Mangini himself commented on the event: I understand this decision. My place didn't have to fill all the roles that Mike occupied in the group. I had to play drums to help keep the band going. My main role is to keep our live show running. I got the experience of playing with legendary musicians. I also received a GRAMMY award, which is good news. To the fans, I wanted to say: thank you so much for being with me. I really treasure the photos of you all going crazy and having fun. Lastly, I love the band very much and wish them all the best."

Petrucci said: Mike Mangini's drumming is otherworldly and I am extremely grateful to him for the time he spent with us. I'm so proud of all the incredible music we've created together, culminating in our first GRAMMY win last year, and the countless magical moments we've shared on stage over the past 13 years. I wish him every success in his future musical endeavors.
I'm glad Mike Portnoy is back at Dream Theater! I know his return will bring a renewed spirit, passion and energy to the group that all of us, including our fans, will welcome. I can't wait for us to roll up our sleeves and get back into the studio!

Mike Portnoy also commented: I'm filled with joy to be back home and reunited with my brothers! We have so much in common... so many memories, so much music... Just think, it will soon be 40 years since we started this journey! The idea of making new music together is so exciting and I can't wait to hit the road and play live for a whole generation of fans who have never seen this lineup before... There's no place like home!!!